Welcome, my name is Kyle Hefley, I'm a Senior Character artist working at 343 Industries. Currently working on Halo.

Sortadone is my work-in-progress blog. Here is where I will be posting WIP updates on projects as I make them, or that is the idea anyway. I usually juggle multiple projects at the same time. This isn't because I'm really good at multitasking, it is because in my personal work I have a really, really, really, short attention span...

Anyways if you come across a project I've neglected or just simply got bored with, give me a shout at khefley83@gmail.com and I'll either email you back telling you why that project sucked and why I abandoned it, or you may spark my imagination and make me consider doing something with it again.

I hope you enjoy what you see and come back regularly to see what is new.


- 2/4/2013

Hi-yo, got a little side tracked the last couple months. Did some personal work, which I will post up the wips of sooner or later. Took some time off. Played some games. Etc. Decided I would finish posting up some images of the work I did on Halo 4.

So this week, textures and materials on the big green guy himself. Was pretty happy with the result, had to carry all the wear and tear that the armor has been though on the previous titles. Hi-poly techsuit and armor were done by Sean Binder and Dan Sarkar. Low poly by Matt Aldridge. I did the UVs, textures, materials and also sculpted in his little chest plate damage. Additional shader work by Howard Coulby who made the visor shine! So a real team effort to get Chief as pretty as he ended up.

Hope you enjoy.


Halo 4: Master Chief

I got to work on the textures and materials for Master Chief on Halo 4. Above is the result.

Hi-Res techsuit by Sean Binder
Hi-Res armor and AR by Dan Sarkar
Low Poly by Matt Aldridge

Halo 4: Watcher

Forerunner Watcher
Built and textured these little guys that launch out of the Forerunner Knights.
(High-Res Knight by Sean Binder)

Halo 4: Storm Grunt

Halo 4: Storm Grunt
Worked on the complete package for this one, high poly, low poly & textures.

Halo 4: Cortana

Had the honor to sculpt Cortana for Halo 4. 
Click on the images above for their larger versions.
Textures by Matt Aldridge | Shader by Howard Coulby

What I have been working on...

It has been a very, very, very long time since my last post. Here is a preview of what I have been working on this past year, couldn't be more proud!

I'll post more as it is released. Hopefully be getting back to some personal work in the next several months as well. Till then check out the updates on Halo 4 at Halo Waypoint.

Later. -K

Bat Man

3/13/2011 - Detailing away. Got a few hours today to work on detailing the head. I need to do a similar pass on each hand before moving onto texturing.
3/7/2011 - WIP version of the pose I am working on for this character. Wanted to do something with him "coming into the light." The original base mesh I was using didn't have a mouth sock, so I had to seperate the head, so I am sorting out some blending issue at the moment. The body is still very wip and the clothing still needs some adjustment... but it is getting there.

3/01/11 - Added a shirt... not too much else to say at this juncture.


3/6/2011 - Back around when ZBrush 4 came out I went back to good old Mikey to test out the BPR rendering techniques that were all the rage. Never got around to posting it at the time, but here it is. Enjoy.

Figure Studies

These are a couple of one day figure studies that I did. The hair is still WIP.


A little while back I was working on a forum contest, and started to officially rehash Megaman. This was as far as I got for that contest. The original megaman I did back in 07' and all of its WIP images are below.